Sit Stand Desks Also Known As Height Adjustable


sit stand desk

Sit Stand Desks Also Known As Height Adjustable

The Sit Stand Desk also known as height adjustable are becoming more popular within the office environment. Health concerns of sitting too much, are now no longer as it seems that the human body prefers more standing-oriented activities. After sitting in a chair at a desk for multiple hours every day, the negative effects on the body can be extreme, part of the problem seems to be the shape the human body is positioned in when sitting in a chair. The body position creates serious, harmful effects on metabolic functions, cardiovascular health, blood sugar levels, cholesterol, weight gain, and increases the risk of some very serious diseases.

The height adjustable which people also refer to as the sit stand desk, lets you work while stood on your feet. The advanced models out there have electric motors to higher or lower the desk, older versions have manual adjustment, but they all share similar advantages. Here are some of the important benefits of working at height adjustable desks / sit stand desks.

Healthier Metabolism 

When sat at a desk without moving for long periods: Your body stops burning calories. It doesn’t just burn fewer calories because you’re not moving, it appears to enter a different state entirely. Research has found that sitting for long periods of time can change the body’s control of blood sugar levels, changing how responsive your body becomes to glucose.

Burning Calories

Those burned calories from standing can do more than just maintain glucose levels. It may not seem like a big difference, but your body actually needs significantly more energy to maintain balance when standing. Additionally, standing encourages small movements like shifting your weight, tapping your feet, and – if you are really into your music – bobbing to a tune. Your muscles are always active. This adds up, and it adds up to a lot. Studies have shown that people who stand and move around at work can shrug off as much as 1,000 extra calories per day, not gaining any extra weight.
That’s right, another of the big standing desk benefits is the ability to stave off obesity and maybe even lose a few pounds.
A Healthier Heart

The cardiovascular system isn’t a fan of sitting, either. The exact cause isn’t certain, but sitting seems to affect the way that blood flows through your body, and not in a way that your heart appreciates. Studies have shown that sitting for extended periods can increase the chance of cardiovascular disease events like angina or heart attacks by around 125 percent. That’s enough to make anyone nervous, and has certainly inspired the current wave of modern, electrical height adjustable desks growing more common in offices around the world.


Companies have found that sit stand height adjustable desk benefits include increased productivity, which is why larger companies have started including more stand up desks in their work place areas. It has been said by one industry leader that it may boost productivity by more than 10 percent!

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